Graham-Cassidy is Not The Answer

image credit: Ted Eytan via Flickr

Hope springs eternal in the hard hearts of Republicans set on overturning Obamacare.  In yet another Hail Mary attempt to beat that dead-horse repeal and replace into life, hucksters …er senators, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana have written a partisan prescription potent enough they promise to cure all that ails our health-care system.  And if ridding us of the Affordable Care Act plague isn’t reason enough to back their plan?  They want us to do it for the American way of life. According to Graham, this latest iteration is “the only process left available to stop a march toward Socialism”!  Wow! Patriotism and Health-care reform?!  What??

Pre-ACA, insurance companies, and Big Pharma controlled the healthcare system purse strings.  They decided how it worked, who could get it and how much they would pay for it.  The industry cherry-picked which claims they would honor and how much they had to shell out.  The result was 46 million Americans were unable to afford medical care.  And then Barack Obama stepped in with the lofty goal of affordable healthcare for everyone!  No exceptions or pre-existing loopholes.  Talk about un-American!  Sadly, ‘round here all too often those who have get more and those who don’t get screwed.

A healthcare system that benefits the insurance companies and the healthy while leaving the poor and sick to fend for themselves or dependent upon the kindness and whim of individual states and those same insurance companies is not my idea of Democracy at work.  Considering how many times Republicans have tried and failed to overturn Obamacare (more than 60!) since it first became law waay back in 2010 ya gotta wonder when does party resolve become obdurate politics?  Or insanity?

And now, here we go again.  This sudden rush of action days before their self-imposed deadline to push through a bill, Graham-Cassidy, which will have no CBO score, is partisan and leaves way too much unsaid would be mind-boggling had we not been here before – so very many times!

Tying their plan to patriotism though, raising the specter of socialism for God’s sakes shows just how desperate they are this time around.  With fake news and fables, they are trying to conjure up a political bogeyman to scare us away from a single payer alternative.  We can’t fall for it.  Republicans, led by Donald Trump want us to relinquish the power of our voice.  They want us to acquiesce to their better judgment.  They want us to trust them.  Well, I don’t.  They lie.

We have until September 30 to stop the march back towards preexisting loopholes and lifetime caps. We have until September 30 to make our voices heard.


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