Out of Many, One Nation

Image By Dbenbenn /Wikimedia Commons

On the surface at least, I have a lot in common with James T Hodgkinson: I too lean to the left and support Universal Healthcare and tax hikes for the rich.  I hate Donald Trump, and I think the GOP leadership are for the most part spineless sycophants who have sold their souls and America to the Devil (and Russia), just to line their own pockets or pass their own pet projects.  I have a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on my car that I refuse to take off – I’m still holding out hope.  I post on social media and a blog, where admittedly I have a “barely there” presence with few followers, but I enjoy having a place to voice my opinions.

I am also firmly against all forms of violence.  I want to change someone’s mind when I opine online – I have no desire to hurt them.  When it comes to our politicians, I want to impeach Our Glorious Leader (or make him quit) and vote the opposition party out of office.  I do not want to scare anyone…Or harm them.  And I don’t want anyone else to either.

Democrats have been accused of ignoring the Middle Class.  I see Republicans now ignoring the Poor.  It seems like neither side has done a good job of including everyone in their visions.  Both have put their energy into one demographic – whichever is their core –, and in the process, they have damaged America.  Politics now is all about “us vs. them”.  The Parties pay lip service to the idea of these United States (emphasis on United), but the partisan message is “If they’re not with us they are against us.”  Basta!  Enough!

We need to do more than just speak out against assaults like the one today against the GOP Congressional baseball team.  Acknowledging our differences is only a first step… Are we prepared to tune into the other side?  To listen to their concerns and give them credence?  If we cannot do that, it is just going to be the same old same old.  And we will get the same results:  Another senseless act of violence that didn’t have to happen.  Real change won’t occur until we can honestly say to each other, “I hear you…And I care.”

Politics should not define us. Or separate us.  It is our differences that have always made us great!  America is a melting pot.  Our diversity is our strength.  Why can’t we accept that?  It is time to let go of political prejudice.  We are one Nation under God…


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