Donald Trump Lies. Why Can’t The Republican’s Admit it?

Image By Mike Maguire / Wikimedia Commons

If you see something say something.  Isn’t that what we are supposed to do?  In this age of terror attacks and hate crimes, bullies can lurk anywhere.  Even in the Executive Branch.  But saying something can be fraught with misunderstanding.  Free speech doesn’t just cover our right to speak our mind – it’s a tool some use to spread fake news and intolerance.  I mean, even the term politically correct has been reduced to semantics with its original meaning of sensitivity to our differences lost.  So, when you are the first in the Royal Court to point out the Emperor has no clothes on, you deserve credit.

I applaud Jim Comey for saying out loud and under oath what everyone else around him knows: The President is a liar and cannot be trusted.  The former Director of the FBI has spoken truth to power in a public way and the rest of the GOP can either stand with him now or go down in history as being complicit with this White House’s chicanery.

Donald Trump is not a complicated man – he is what you see: an obstreperous old fool who has pushed his way onto the world stage with weird hand-wrestling displays and blustering speech, thinking all along he is the smartest person in the room.  At his core though, he is nothing more than a common con man.

When I hear Speaker of the House Paul Ryan brush off Trump’s repeated attempts to influence an ongoing Federal investigation with a “He’s new at this”, comment…  When I see a giddy Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gloating about the prospect of affecting our country’s future by pushing through Trump’s nominees for US Court vacancies – with or without Democratic support…. I feel, to paraphrase Mr. Comey, a little sick to my stomach.

What is going on??  America has become a caricature.  Half our politicians don’t even pretend to care about the hypocrisy of their words anymore. They shrug and deflect and carry on…. with their own special interests.  Impervious to facts and common sense.  This presidency is their ticket to whatever the hell they want.  For now.

The Grand Old Party has been denied power for so long, finding themselves in the driver’s seat once more is all they care about.   No matter the man responsible for this good fortune lacks the integrity, intelligence or psychological make-up to live up to the challenges of being the leader of the free world.  If it means they can fulfill their own narrow agendas, so be it.

All they need to do is withstand the tweetstorms and dropping shoes and the silent majority that is now The Republican Party thinks they can have it all…for now.  They’ll worry about the costs later.


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