“Donald Trump – You’re Fired!”

Image By DonkeyHotey / Wikimedia Commons

What have we done, America??  We let a senile, angry old man cheat his way into the White House – with the help of Russians – and now we watch transfixed as the Executive Branch of our government transmutes into a surreal reality tv show version of Dante’s 4th Circle of Hell.  Bit by bit the avaricious and prodigal aspirations of Komrad Trump and his children – abetted by a sycophantic Congress chip away at our democracy…and now our planet and we do nothing.

We hold protests and marches.  We vent on social media sites and the internet. (Erm…and blogs) Our comedians turned pundits give voice to our fears with dystopian visions and over-the-top (…are they?) jokes and monologues…but nothing else.  The show continues.  When do we hold him and his Politburo accountable?  When are we going to make this madness stop?

Surely pulling out of The Paris Climate Accord is the breaking point.  The crazy train stops now, right??  Surely.  It’s a process, I know, and there is a legal and bureaucratic procedure to follow, for sure, but it’s time.  Donald Trump must be fired.  We need a do-over to last year’s election.  We can’t allow this man to continue to represent our country.  It’s ironic but we need a president who will make America great again – someone who will take us back to a saner more dignified pre-Trump time.

In just over 100 days Donald J Trump has taken us from Global World Power status to international laughingstock.  He strives to turn back the clock on health care, environmental protections, DOJ practices, and immigration policy…moving forward back to yesterday.  What the hell!?

This is no longer about partisanship.  It’s not a point-of-view thing.  This White House is dangerous.  Those of us who have never been for a Donald Trump presidency have half-jokingly cited fears of a nuclear war as the worst-case scenario.  We were wrong – the worst-case scenario is one that we won’t live to see…but our grandchildren and great grandchildren will.  This ‘club’ (as Nikki Haley called it) that he has refused to join?  The fate of the entire planet depends on it.

I wonder, does he really deny the science of climate change or is this a comeuppance for the European leaders that were not sufficiently deferential to His Highness Trump?  His boorishness when not being treated like royalty was clearly on display during his overseas trip.  In Saudi Arabia and Israel, he was feted and flattered and made to feel singularly special.  Not so in Europe.  They weren’t that into him.  They weren’t particularly impressed.  And that can be folly when dealing with Donald J Trump.

As we in America have learned, Donald has a hard time accepting rejection.


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