Just Say Nyet to Russian Interference

Image By svklimkin / morguefile

Now that the Senate wants to talk to him, Washington neophyte and son-in-law to the president Jared Kushner joins a motley crew of political players and Trump associates as persons-of-interest in several simultaneous investigations.  At the heart of these queries is whether there is a Kremlin Connection at the White House.  It’s getting to where you need a scorecard (or at least a playbill) to keep track of the ever-growing list of dramatist personae in Russiagate.  Suffice it to say, something is rotten inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Of all the eye-widening moments reported on so far none is as head-scratching as the continuing saga of Devin Nunes.  What the hell is he thinking??  His obvious allegiance to the President has compromised his ability to impartially chair the House Intel Committee charged with getting to the bottom of Russia’s involvement in the election of Donald J Trump.  In fact, a summary of Nunes’ activities since assuming the lead role reads more like a John Le’Carre novel than business as usual on Capitol Hill.

In the days leading up to his solitary decision to inform the president of incidental (incriminating?) evidence collected from legal surveillance and offering only the vaguest of explanations for his actions to the press…and keeping the Democrat Minority members of the (supposedly) bipartisan task force in the dark until after the fact, it was reported that Nunes:

  • Jumped out of an Uber he was sharing with an aide and disappeared into the night – right after receiving a mysterious phone call.
  • Met covertly with unnamed sources on White House grounds purportedly to verify intelligence he already had. That conformation he says compelled him to notify the president.  Not one to share – even with fellow committee members – Devin has remained mum on what it was he learned.

And oh yeah – he cancelled scheduled committee hearings per…himself.

Wtf Devin?!

So far, the House inquiry has left us with a lot more questions than answers.  In fact, the only thing that is becoming crystal clear in this muddied investigation is that Devin Nunes is running interference for a worried White House.  His machinations are obvious attempts to misdirect attention away from the administrations involvement with Russia – pre and post-election.

We must hold our lawmaker’s feet to the fire here.  We need to trust that they are being led by the evidence…not the Executive Branch.  The Truth will out but uncovering it might require an assist.  Otherwise we might see America going to the highest bidder as Trump’s Gang of Thieves line their pockets with the fruits of our Patriotism.  I say Nyet to Russian interference in my country.


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