Stand Up and Be Counted

About that veil of normalcy that we tried to drape around the presidency of Donald J Trump?  Three weeks of constitutional crises and in your face conflict-of-interests have ripped it to shreds! No amount of pretending can clothe this Emperor now: he is naked – and he is dangerous. For the whole world to see.  It is important – no, it is imperative – that we here in America acknowledge this now, before he does something that can’t be undone.

It’s still a nascent administration – it wouldn’t be easy but it can’t be impossible – to change this course of history we’re barreling down.  Three weeks is long enough to prove the incompetence of this gang.  And recognize their total disregard for the finer points of legalities.   No action is outside the pale for Trump and his minions, if they think it helps further their narrative.  To them, it will always be “Trump, not America, first”.

Being conned sucks.  No-one likes to admit it happened to them.  It hurts your pride for one thing.  In the case of an election, it hurts so much more.  We put our hopes in the people we elect.  We trust them to have a plan that will make our lives better.  We believe their promises when they say they know the way to a brighter future – for us all!  To admit they lied and we fell for it isn’t easy…but it’s a hell of a lot easier than what living under the reign of Donald J Trump looks to be.

It is time for his supporters – and the Republican Party – to stand up and be counted!  For America!  For Christ’s sake, stop making excuses for this man and his cabinet!  Do you still believe his spiel?? Do you really believe he will put America’s interests before his own, or his family’s, ever?? To quote our former president, Barack Obama, (who btw, I would give anything to still have as our Leader), “Come on, man”!

Winning is not what matters, succeeding is. (thanks for that turn of phrase, rogue potus staff) This president will only succeed in turning back the clock on civil rights, environmental protections and scientific advances.  The world will not be a safer place with him in charge – quite the opposite.  His selective paranoia endangers not just America, but the whole planet.  He wants to play chicken with nuclear powers! Wtf?!

It is a time – a defining moment, if you will – to clarify what it means to be American.  What does America stand for?   Is our Constitution still our Guiding Light or have our values changed?


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