The American Way

Why are we supposed to refrain from speaking our minds or standing up for what we believe in now that Donald Trump is about to become our President?  Honestly, I don’t get the criticism for criticizing our elected leader…?!?  When did voicing our opinion in America become un-American???  Every single time someone speaks up or calls out PEOTUS he takes to Twitter chastising them and the national conversation becomes should they or shouldn’t they have spoken out…?!  Huh??  Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah actually threatened to subpoena Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub for daring to state publicly that Trump’s plan to prevent possible conflicts of interest once he is sworn in was “meaningless”.  Think about that for a minute.

Trump and his minions are constantly trying to curtail one of our country’s most cherished tenets: Freedom of Speech. News Flash: In America, we can criticize our government without fear of reprisal.  In America, we can express our disagreement with policy or political practice without fear of reprisal.  In America, our elected officials are charged with defending the constitutional rights of ALL of us – supporters and non-supporters alike.

And now Civil Rights icon John Lewis, a Congressman (D) from Georgia is in the Pretender’s (and his Court’s) cross-hairs for saying he does not believe Trump is a “legitimate president”.  I say good for Mr. Lewis!  He has said in a public forum what a lot of us private citizens are saying in our living rooms. We don’t believe Donald Trump is a legitimate President.  We believe our American Intelligence Community when they say that Russia interfered with our Democratic elections to help Mr. Trump win. And that bothers us.  We accept that we can’t change it –  that it is what it is.  Short of committing an impeachable offense once he has taken office, on January 20th Donald Trump will be our President.  But we don’t have to like it.  And we are worried about it.

Time will tell if our fears are unfounded or prescient.  Meanwhile the onus is not on us to fall lock-step behind our Supreme Leader (?) unquestioning and trusting in his wisdom alone, the responsibility falls on Mr. Trump to prove to us that he is our President.  That he is a champion of The American Way – our way.

Convince us of your legitimacy Mr. Trump.  A word of advice though, it’s gonna take more than 140 characters.


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